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Here you will found our trips & tours to Utila, Cayos Cochinos and other islands and cays which are located very close to Roatan. Places not included can be arranged specially upon request.

Cayos Cochinos

The islands of Cayos Cochinos have been declared a biological marine reserve, and access to Cayos Pequeño is restricted to scientists and volunteers associated with the caretakers, the Honduras Coral Reef Fund (HCRF).

Cayos Grande is available to tourists, and can be accessed by boat. There is a fee charged to visit Cayos Cochinos, and park rangers patrol regularly to ensure compliance with all regulations.Cayos Cochinos you can’t beat this untouched Coral Reef and snorkeling paradise!


Located on the mesoamerica coral reef, Utila is a unique Caribbean island destination.  It’s  known for it’s  easy access to a diverse range of water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. It is  also a hub for whale shark viewing!



Cayos Cochinos All Inclusive Tour

  On old British maps, they are called “the Hog Islands” and lore has it that British Pirates like Henry Morgan and the likes, left hogs on the keys so they would have meat on their return trips. All the keys and the surrounding waters were declared a Marine Reserve in 1994,...
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Pigeon Cay Day Trip

The Pigeon cay are located at the east of Roatan. They belong to the Bay Islands department and are part of Santos Guardiola municipality. This two places are amazing for one day visit almost isolated. Pigeon cay  day trip (day tour – round trip): Our newest 5 star excursion include...
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Lionfish Hunting

LION FISH HUNTING for Snorkelers: Guided snorkeling off the reef of different spots on the island will also include a lesson on how to hunt Lion Fish, an extremely voracious and invasive species that is trying to colonize our reef. Anything you and your guides will catch, will be served as...
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Utila Boat One Way Transportation

Utila is located approximately 20 miles southwest from Roatan. Is the third largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands, after Roatán and Guanaja, in a region that marks the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest in the world. The eastern end of the island is capped by...
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Utila & Whale Shark Encounter

Utila and Whale Shark Encounter (day tour – round trip): a great reason to go for a visit: one of the most beautiful gentle giants of the sea, the WHALE SHARK. The whale shark is THE largest fish in the sea, averaging 9mt in length! He is believed to be highly migratory and the deep...
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Cayos Cochinos One Way Trip

The Cayos Cochinos or Cochinos Cays are a group of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande) and 13 more small coral cays situated 30 kilometers northeast of La Ceiba on the northern shores of Honduras. Although geographically separate, they belong to the Bay Islands department and are...
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