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Roatan Healthcare

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Roatan Healthcare

Roatan Island is a small community; however there are several diverse alternatives when it comes to Roatan medical facilities. Up until recently, the most complete medical facility on the island was the Roatan Hospital, which is located in Coxen Hole. The Roatan Hospital is part of the Honduras Public Health Care System, and such, has many, many limitations. The local community works hard to supplement these limitations, but if you are a traveler coming coming through Roatan, or a local islander, you do not really want to end up at the Roatan Hospital.

The Woods Medical Center in downtown Coxen Hole offers good outpatient service, with several good doctors including Dr. Woods herself, however the limitations of a patient in need of hospitalization are big on the island of Roatan.

Recently opened  private hospital  CEMESA, Medical Group of San Pedro Sula  branch . CEMESA  is a full fledged hospital with the possibility of providing patients with surgical procedures, as well as emergency services right on the island. The Hospital is located at the Megaplaza Mall  next to the main road just outside of French Harbour, Roatan.

It is expected that many of the medical doctors that provide services in San Pedro Sula will alternate with Roatan as a second location where their services will also be available.

Anthony’s Key Clinic in Sandy Bay is providing Hyperbaric Treatments and Healthcare in Roatan.

The Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic offers dependable hyperbaric healthcare to recreational and commercial divers in the region. In addition to hyperbaric medicine, general medical care is also provided to the local community and resort guests. Due to the increasing demand for medical care in the community, what began as a small clinic in a 400 square foot wood building has expanded to its current location and is now complete with an emergency room, x-ray room, two consultation rooms, one observation room, a laboratory, a pharmacy and is staffed by three medical doctors, an EMT and laboratory technician.

Many Roatan Expats and locals travel to La Ceiba as an alternative to the limited Roatan Medical facilities currently available in Roatan. La Ceiba is a short 1 ½ hour ferry trip away, and La Ceiba Medical Facilities are currently much better than those in Roatan Island, with the D’Antoni Hospital being a flagship of medical services in the country, and the Medi Centro Clinics offering world class diagnostics equipment and labs.

Finally, an interesting twist to Roatan medical facilities can be found at Garm Roatan, located at the Parrot Tree Plantation Residential complex. The facility is part of the Global Alliance of Regenerative Medicine, that offers an innovating stem cell technology. For more information on Garm Roatan visit their website.

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