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Utila and Whale Shark Encounter (day tour – round trip): a great reason to go for a visit: one of the most beautiful gentle giants of the sea, the WHALE SHARK.

The whale shark is THE largest fish in the sea, averaging 9mt in length! He is believed to be highly migratory and the deep waters on the North side of the island of Utila is on his migratory path.

We encounter them when feeding at the surface for plankton, a microscopic organism that floats freely with oceanic currents. The whale shark open’s his mouth and filter gallons and gallons of water through their gills, while the small organisms below 3 mm stay.

You’ll have the opportunity to swim with a whale shark and observe him from a very close distance. A once in a life time experience!

 Lunch, free drinks (during the hole trip) and snorkeling stop is included.

Snorkeling gears included.

Price per Person: $200.- (minimum 6 people).For more than 6 people will be better price.